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There are a range of services that we can provide as tarmacadam flooring specialists for schools, nurseries and public parks in the UK. As a specialist contractor we can build macadam recreational areas for many games and sports, as well as carrying out maintenance on these facilities. This tarmacadam surface specification is popular because it is versatile and long lasting for use with playground activities and also sports.

What Specs are Available for Macadam?

Tarmacadam surfaces are popular for a number of areas including sports courts, playgrounds and driveways. The surfaces are cost-effective, require little maintenance and are permeable, which means water can drain through easily.

Our tarmacadam surface specification experts can alter the spec to meet your individual needs and requirements. Our macadam surface specs can be installed for a range of sports surfaces including netball, tennis, basketball and more.

The macadam specification is highly popular in schools across the United Kingdom. Macadam courts are relatively cheap to install compared with other surfaces since less materials are needed and the tarmac is a cost-effective spec. Our team offer great prices for high-quality installations and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote.

A lot of schools and nurseries have tarmac play areas installed with markings applied to create fun and educational activities which children of all ages can participate in. These fun markings can be installed in either thermoplastic or specialist paint which each come in a range of bright colours and graphic designs for you to choose from. We could also create bespoke graphics for your playground to create a unique appearance to suit your school or nursery and the children who will be using the area.

Our team aim to offer you the best services at great prices. As a professional company in the trade for a number of years, we have plenty of experience when it comes to macadam surfacing. We will make certain that you are pleased with the service you provide, whether it is the installation of a brand new sports court or simple thermoplastic graphics being installed on your existing playground.


Tarmac Recreational Surfacing

As well as sports surfaces, tarmac may also be used for school playgrounds. Tarmacadam is a cheap way to surface a playground and can be painted with anti slip paint to offer children grip when running around the area. We may install thermoplastic graphics for tarmacadam recreational surfaces, which are a great way to improve the appearance of playgrounds and encourage educational play.

The thermoplastics which we are able to install are available in a variety of bright, vibrant colours and exciting designs. We offer educative designs to help children learn during play time; these may consist of number grids, alphabets, hopscotches and much more. If you have a specific design that you wish to be installed on the area, please let us know since we could install this for you!

How is Tarmacadam Surfacing Constructed?

The installation process is completed to a high standard when making use of our team. To start the tarmacadam surface construction we will first excavate the existing area to the required depths. We will then install a geotextile membrane to prevent weeds growing through the surface once installed. The foundations will then be laid to create a solid sub base for the tarmac to be installed on. The tar and the stones will need to be mixed together and then poured out over the sub base and left to set.

Once the tarmacadam has set, a range of other services may be carried out. If the macadam was installed for a sports surface, anti slip painting and line markings could be installed. Whereas if the tarmac is for a playground, you may want to consider installing thermoplastics markings.

Tarmac Surfacing Explained

Please see a short video below which explains tarmac surfacing in a bit more detail.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here and today we’re going to be explaining what are tarmacadam surfaces. Tarmacadam surfaces are essentially surfaces that could by used in many different locations, including sports courts, driveways and play areas, and for more information about the play areas and the tarmacadam surfaces that we install in them, just check out our nursery playgrounds work video here.

00:18 These tarmacadam surfaces are incredibly cost effective, low maintenance, and they’re also permeable, which means that water can drain through them very easily. In addition to this they’re incredible versatile and customisable too and consume any need of the client that they wish.

00:32 Here at Soft Surfaces Limited we are proud to say that we’re an experienced installer of tarmacadam surfaces and have been for over 20 years straight. So if you’d like any more information about these surface types, or you’d like to inquire please just visit us as

How do I Maintain Tarmacadam?

Along with the installation services we could also complete tarmacadam flooring maintenance to keep the surfacing in top condition. Maintenance of tarmac surfaces include things like cleaning, painting, minor repairs and resurfacing if necessary. It is recommended to get macadam surface cleaned professionally every year to prevent dirt and debris blocking the pores.

We also apply a moss and algae treatment which can prevent the area being contaminated. For asphalt surfacing on sports courts, we would recommend having them painted with anti slip paint every 3-5 years in order to keep the courts looking good and playing well and improve slip resistance.

We are able to carry out minor repairs along with a full resurface if required. It is important to get cracks in the surfacing fixed as soon as possible so that they do not develop into worse problems. Carrying out regular inspections can actually help cut back on costly repairs, so please do not fail to check your macadam surface for cracks and other problems regularly.

Recreational Tarmac Surfaces

Other tarmacadam playground services that we carry out include installing the macadam as a sub base for different surfaces such as wet pour playground flooring and artificial grass to create a stable foundation. As the macadam surfacing we use is open textured, this gives it porosity. This means water can drain through it quickly and efficiently without building up and puddling in wet weather.

We also provide cleaning and maintenance services for tarmac playgrounds to prevent contamination and remove dirt from the surface so it remains safe for the kids along with maintaining its brightly coloured designs. For product sheets and cost estimates for tarmac flooring installation and maintenance please contact us through our quick form today!

This type of facility can be found in many public parks in addition to schools and nurseries where children are running around doing lots of activities. You can choose from a number of colourful designs to make the flooring stand out, and so that it’s educational and fun. The tarmacadam recreational surfaces are extremely versatile and come with designs which may be customised to suit different age ranges and abilities.

Macadam Flooring Services

As well as playground surfaces, we offer macadam flooring services for other facilities such as sports courts, multi use games areas and pathways. The playing characteristics of a tarmacadam surface mean that it is ideal for use with many different sports and activities such as tennis, netball and basketball. This makes it a popular choice for all purpose facilities at sports clubs, leisure centres and particularly schools that may not have enough outdoor space available to create different pitches for each sport.

As part of our services as tarmacadam flooring specialists we’re able to apply anti slip paint coatings to these recreational areas. These are available in a range of bright colours along with line markings for different activities, whether it’s for sports or educational playground games. Because macadam surfacing provides an ideal blank canvas, the design possibilities are endless and thermoplastic markings can also be heat applied in a number of colours and graphics to create a fun and exciting environment for kids to play.

Tarmacadam Prices

When it comes to installing one of these facilities, you will probably be wondering about the tarmacadam prices. These can really depend on the nature of the project and the budget each client has available. One of the biggest factors which affects the costs is the area size which is going to be laid. A large play area or MUGA sports court made from tarmac will cost more to install than a small driveway or a simple path.

Other things such as the location and access to site can also have an impact on the tarmacadam prices for your facility. We have worked in many locations for schools, sports clubs and homeowners to provide these services so we can really tailor the design to what you need.

We will gladly provide a quote for any project that you are looking to carry out. Our team have completed work involving tarmacadam surface construction for various different clients in the UK. Just be sure to tell us if you have a specific budget to stick to and we’ll try to keep our costs affordable for you.

Tarmac Maintenance Services

We offer a range of services with regard to keeping these surfaces clean and safe. Our experts can carry out tarmacadam flooring maintenance including jet washing to thoroughly clean the area and prevent it from becoming contaminated or waterlogged. We would recommend having a regular maintenance schedule in place for any playground surfaces or pathways to keep them in top condition. All that it will need is routine brushing to get rid of any litter, leaves or dirt from the surface. This will help to prevent the pores from getting blockages so that water can continue to drain through easily.

If you notice any damage to the surfacing, our tarmacadam flooring specialists will carry out repairs to fix any cracks or fretting which might have developed. This can sometimes happen over time if the facility is used on a regular basis, but it can be avoided with routine cleaning and maintenance.

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If you send us over your details with an idea of the services you require and an area size, our team will get back to you with some product information and an estimate on costs.

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