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Rhino Pave

As a specialist outdoor surfacing contractor, we provide a variety of rhino pave services. These are available for pathways and external recreational areas throughout the UK. This specification is made using a combination of natural stone and recycled rubber granules to create a flexible surface which can be used in a range of outdoor areas.

Many clients have this type of surface installed as an alternative to resin bound gravel and other traditional paving types. We use a polyurethane bonding agent to stick the stones and rubber together which gives rhino paving added flexibility and resistance to cracking. The specification of this paving type is porous and SuDS compliant which enhances natural drainage to reduce the chances of flooding in wet weather.

Rhino Pave Specification

We carry out rhino-pave services including installation to a variety of natural areas in recreational parks and activity trails. We can install the rhino pave specification to many existing surfaces including woodland areas without causing disturbance to plants and tree roots. This makes the flexible paving a popular choice for natural children’s play areas and woodland activity trails in parks.

We install this surface type in a range of depths and colour designs. It completely depends on how it will be used and the appearance the client is looking for. Part of our services include helping with creating the right design so you can have the best quality pathway surface which meets your requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more about the different services we offer with regard to rhino paving pathways, please feel free to contact us by completing our contact form. Send us over as many details as you can about your enquiry and we’ll get back to you with product sheets and advice about the costs for this work.

What is Rhino Pave Flooring?

We install rhino pave surfacing for a number of different uses. We often install rhino paving for rural areas like parks and woodlands spaces, since the surface looks natural. The surface is used for an array of unique outdoor areas including children’s parks, trim trails and pathways.

The rubber and stone mixture is comfortable underfoot but is durable which allows for plenty of use. We always offer the surfacing in a wide array of depths and colours to make sure that each of our consumers can pick and choose an ideal design for them.

Rhino-Pave Maintenance

In addition we offer proactive services along with the rhino-paving. Therefore you can make certain that the surface is in the very best condition it can be throughout the years. The most popular services we supply which expand the product’s life are cleaning and hands-on maintenance.

It’s fundamental that you possess a standard care scheme to ensure that the facilities porosity is still functioning correctly. If you do not carry out regular maintenance the pores that allow the fluid to go through may be blocked with contaminants which can result in problems such as floods and slippery surfacing.

These problems cause safety issues to individuals while using facility and you should deal with these quickly. However we also offer a repair service in the event your facility sustains any damage. Many factors could lead to damage, from not enough treatment to too much use.

Rhino Pave Costs

The price of rhino paving can vary depending on a number of different factors. One of the biggest factors that alters the rhino pave costs is the area size. Obviously a smaller area will be cheaper to install than a larger area. However, due to the economies of scale the price per squared metre will be cheaper for a larger area.

Another thing that can alter the price of rhino-pave is the depth you want to install. If you wish to have a thicker depth, we will need more material. This could then take longer to install which means the price of the installation will generally be more.

Rhino Paving Stones

We install rhino paving stones with resin and rubber. Doing this creates a flexible surface which we can install for a number of areas. The rhino-pave is perfect for pathways in parks. Since you need little preparation work, the rhino paving stone is cost effective. Because of this it is great for local community areas like parks.

We are able to modify the stones to suit your individual needs. Our team aim to offer you the very best services and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote.

Since we only make use of premium materials, there may be cheaper contractors out there. However it is important that you are aware that cheaper contractors may not have the same experience and training as our team.

Flexible Paving Services

The flexible outdoor surfaces that we install are slip resistant due to the recycled rubber. They are also suitable for a range of uses with both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. As well as designing and installing rhino paving we also offer flexible paving services to clean and maintain the area and ensure it’s safe for use.

It’s important to carry out routine maintenance on any outdoor pathways or other surfaces by removing debris from the area to prevent any dirt getting lodged within the pores and leading to water puddling. You should not use pressure washers and abrasive cleaning equipment on rhino-paving. This can cause damage and dislodge loose pieces of stone and rubber. We always advise that you regularly check any of your outdoor surfaces for damage. Then ensure that you deal with problems as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs.

Get In Touch

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the rhino pave services we provide. We can do this for outdoor areas at schools, parks, nurseries, access paths, domestic homes and a variety of other applications.

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We can offer advice with regards to costs, specifications, bespoke designs and maintenance work. This will ensure you get the perfect flexible paving surface for your project. Don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form and a member of our staff will be in touch. They can give you more details on rhino paving surfaces and how we can help you.

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