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The sports facility services which we can provide are available throughout the UK and our specialists have carried out various projects all over the country; this has given them a great deal of experience. As professional contractors we install a variety of sport surfaces for football, rugby, tennis, netball, basketball, hockey and multi use games areas. As well as installing the surfaces, we also offer maintenance packages and after care services. These can include expert cleaning, painting, specialist sport line marking, testing and even completely refurbishing your sports pitch.

How are Sports Facilities Constructed?

We install a number of sports surfaces and can complete the entire installation process. Our sports surface construction can be completed to a top standard at reasonable prices. We are able to alter designs and specifications to meet your needs and requirements as well as your individual budget.

After constructing the surface we also offer additional services including line marking, painting and additional equipment. A professional company should complete the construction to ensure the surfacing will last a long time.

The sports facility services which we offer will guarantee that your surfaces are in the safe hands of our professional contractors and installers. With our wealth of knowledge, we cater for all clients who have different design specifications. If you are thinking about have a sports surface installed or professional maintenance carried out but are unsure on the amount it will cost, we can price up projects for building surfaces, carrying out maintenance, adding extra features and equipment, so just let us know. Simply fill in the contact form with your details and any questions you have so we can supply you with some further information and a quote for the work.

Sport Facility Specs

When it comes to the sports pitch specification, our team are able to alter designs to meet your individual needs. There are various surfacing specs to choose from to play the sports of your choice. Our team can recommend the best specs for you. We will look at your spending budget, the sport you wish to play and the existing area and help you decide on what would be best. Since we are experts in the industry, you will see that there are plenty of specifications to choose from and it is vital that you get professional advice to ensure you will be able to make the most out of your new facility.

We can adjust the specifications to suit your personal preferences. So please get in touch if you wish to speak to our team about the different specs available. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have, so make sure to fill in our contact form now.

Sports Surfacing Design

Our team can offer various sports court designs. We will offer various colours when installing the pitches. You can also alter the designs to suit your preferences. If you already have a polymeric or macadam court installed, we may alter the existing designs by colour coating the courts in different colours. A popular design for these surfaces is two-tone green.

Our main aim is to make certain you are happy with the final design. We will ask you for your ideas and give you our recommendations if required. Please do not hesitate to speak to us about and requests you may have. We work hard to ensure you get exactly what you want, so please just get in touch if you have any ideas for your sports facility.

How is a Sports Court Maintained?

As well as installing various sport surfaces, our team can also carry out maintenance services. The maintenance we provide is applicable for all of the surfaces we install. For hard courts like polymeric and macadam areas, we carry out routine cleaning and painting along with repairs and resurfacing if necessary. Maintaining synthetic turf is slightly different. We can carry out various projects including rejuvenation, renovation, deep cleaning, drag-brushing, resurfacing and upgrades.

It is highly recommended to get the facility maintained regularly to ensure the surface remains in good condition. In order to prevent costly repairs, it is a good idea to have any rips and tears or cracks in the surface repaired as soon as possible. Regular inspections should also be carried out as part of the sports facility maintenance, as this will allow you to notice any damage early on. This will then prevent expensive resurfaces and will make sure the surface is safe to use.

What Surface is Available for Sports Pitches?

There are various surfaces that we install. It is important to think about the sport you want to play before choosing the surface. Our experts can help you pick the best sports pitch surfacing to install for the desired sport. Different surfaces will be better for different sports. For example, 3G surfacing is great for football and rugby, whereas macadam is better for basketball, tennis and netball.

The surfaces which we can install consist of 2G sand filled, 2G sand dressed, 3G surfacing, macadam, polymeric and needlepunch multisport synthetic surfacing. Our specialists can also recommend surfaces for multi use games areas. We aim to offer the best advice and will complete the installation of each surface type to the best possible standard.

Sports Pitch Contractors

We are specialist sports pitch contractors who pride ourselves on the top quality sports surfaces on which we install and carry out a whole range of services. Each job that we complete is different and requires individual design specifications. We help guide the installation project from the start. We measure the site area, check the access, dimensions, size and budget of the organisation. The design specification is unique and tailored for the facility, we take into consideration your organisation’s budget and the required quote which has been given. The types of surfaces which we install include:

  • 3G artificial grass
  • 2G sand filled
  • 2G sand dressed synthetic turf
  • Needlepunch
  • Polymeric rubber
  • Macadam

This video shows the full installation process for a 3G football pitch that our professional installers built to replace an unusable natural grass area. Our professional team carried out full groundworks preparation, installed a drainage system and sub base, and laid the final 3G synthetic carpet:

How Much is Astroturf?

We are often asked questions about how much it costs to install astroturf pitches or other sport surfaces. The prices for these facilities really do vary depending on several factors. These include your location, the area size for the project, and the playing qualities you need. One of our experts would be happy to discuss a quote with you. Please fill in our contact form so we may get back to you as soon as possible. This type of work is often carried out in schools and leisure centres. Our team complete many projects for a wide range of clients. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our products or the services that we can provide.

Since the price of astroturf pitches can vary for each individual, there is no approximate price. We would recommend thinking about what you are willing to spend. Therefore you can specify your spending budget when contacting a professional installation team.

Installing a Sport Facility

When planning the installation, we ask the organisation the type of sport which they will be playing on the pitch. Then depending on this and what their budget is, we help them decide the best type of surface material. This is because each surface has different performance qualities:

  • 3G artificial grass is ideal for football and rugby
  • 2G turf is great for football and hockey
  • Needlepunch is commonly used for multisports
  • Polymeric is ideal for tennis, athletics and more
  • Macadam has a good amount of ball bounce for sports such as tennis, basketball and netball

RFU, RFL, IRB Sports Artificial Pitch Long Pile Synthetic Grass

RFU, RFL, IRB Sports Artificial Pitch Long Pile Synthetic Grass is installed onto full sized rugby fields which is a 3rd generation synthetic turf carpet that is filled with sand washed and dried silica sand and then recycled rubber granules which gives the playing performance necessary for rugby testing.

The testing of the sports pitches includes the likes of the ball bounce, vertical deformity and force reduction which is crucial to try and make sure the players enjoy playing on this type of all weather pitch surface. The astroturf is designed to play similar to natural grass but obviously has the advantages of not having to cancel or postpone any fixtures.

The rugby football union, rugby football league and international rugby board generally have the same parameters for the playing characteristics and this generally needs to be a long piled artificial grass carpet because this allows the correct depth to cushion the fall of the players. The standard depths are usually 40mm thick, 50mm depth and a 60mm pile height system for the longer piled astroturf.

If you require any information on the size of the rugby artificial fields, costs of the construction, details of the insitu rubber shockpad or previous case studies please call 01625445760 or visit our website to check out further blogs on the synthetic turf surfacing options and products available.

Surface Maintenance and Repair

It is important to carry out regular proactive maintenance to keep on top of the surfaces and make sure they stay in good condition, this can include washing it and removing any dirt and litter from the ground. If the maintenance needed is reactive, this is where we, as sports pitch contractors, can give advice and specialist help for your facility. We offer the expert maintenance required, such as anti-slip coatings, line markings, chemical treatments, redistribution of infill, damage repairs, infill rejuvenation and resurfacing of sports pitches.

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