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Playground Equipment

We offer a range of playground equipment services for numerous recreational features including climbing frames, activity trails and outdoor musical instruments. As an independent company, we are not trying to push any one manufacturer’s range, and as a result, you can select the best-suited items for your project.

Play Area Fencing

Once you have your play equipment installed, you might also want to think about installing playground fencing. It is important to have play area fences installed, especially in nurseries and primary schools because they provide a boundary for the children to keep them safe when playing outdoors.

We can also offer fencing for sports facilities. Sports fencing is important so that the ball does not go out of the facility and is also great for security. We have a number of specifications available for playground and sports fencing. Our fences come in various colours, heights and designs, so please make sure to fill out our contact form if you require more information on the fencing we offer.

This way you will have equipment to suit your budget, and by letting us project manage the installation or scheme to completion. It saves you the need to organise and liaise with several different contractors.

Outdoor playground equipment could be anything from activity panels, fitness or trim trails, multi-units, slides, roundabouts, sand pits to something as simple as bins and benches or play area fencing. Commercial grade playground features vary significantly and we are happy to assist you to meet your budget.

Fill in our contact form today to speak to a member of our team with regards to prices and quotes for different kinds of systems. Most of the climbing and traversing features usually require some type of impact absorbing safety surfacing. This can range from wet pour, synthetic safety surfacing to rubber grass mats.

Add a third dimension to your play area with our Soft Surfaces rubber spheres. These enhance any recreational structures and may also be used as a seating option within the area. Other furniture which we supply as part of our playground equipment services includes benches, bins and storage units in a range of attractive and functional designs.

Be sure to contact our team using the short form on this page if you’ve got any questions about different products for external recreational areas. We will talk you through the whole variety of items to help you choose the best ones for your school or nursery.


Outdoor Play Facilities

As a specialist recreational surfacing installer, we offer advice on the best products and features for outdoor facilities in parks, nurseries and schools. Depending on how the area will be used, there are numerous different designs and specifications for activity equipment. This is why it’s important to choose the right one for your facility.

Features like sand pits and slides are ideal for nursery play areas as they can help kids to learn sensory and physical skills while having fun and sharing with others.

Educational activity panels and climbing frames are commonly chosen for older children at schools to help with academic learning and more advanced physical skills such as agility, strength and balance. For school playground facilities, we also offer a variety of specialist surfaces with educational markings.

Please get in touch with us if you need advice with regards to different features for kids’ activity facilities. We will help you with choosing the best pieces of equipment and furniture to suit the children who will be using the area. You can design a functional outdoor play facility that gives kids a fun environment to take part in a range of activities. It also has the added benefit of being practical with storage units and seating.

In addition to installing fixed or movable playground features, we also apply line markings to macadam surfaces to create a multi-activity games space that can be used in lessons and recreational clubs. Don’t hesitate to fill in our enquiry form if you’ve got any questions about our playground equipment services and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help with your enquiry.

Outdoor Playground Equipment for Schools

You will have to take into account numerous different aspects when deciding on a playing equipment provider. We offer a number of outdoor playground equipment for schools across the United Kingdom to improve children’s skills. Utilising various play area equipment might help improve a child’s learning growth and development physically and mentally as a result of proactive play.

Using these different types of equipment can boost the logical abilities of young people. This means it’s important to plan these kinds of playground equipment thoroughly. Maze play markings for key stages 1 and 2 are a fun way to improve problem-solving abilities. Young people will be taught how to use logic in addition to persistence to leave the maze.

Having facilities that let young children utilise their creativeness may also be important in ensuring that children get a chance to use their imaginative side when actively playing. Also, this sort of equipment also promotes a healthier lifestyle. It even enhances the children’s physical fitness levels in the early years. We realise that not everyone has got the exact same budget; so we can supply various unique specs to meet up individual requirements and needs. Costs and prices may adjust according to what sort of apparatus and playground markings you are looking for.

Play Park Equipment Suppliers

We are professional play park equipment suppliers, who can offer a variety of apparatus for young people. It’s more important than in the past to encourage young people to enjoy healthy and balanced standards of living. This is due to the increase in obesity worldwide. By reinforcing the value of this in early stages, it can increase the chances of this staying with them to life. Several types of equipment are available including:

  • Climbing walls
  • Health and fitness facilities
  • Multi units
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • See-saws

These all increase the opportunity for physical activity on the playground. These structures are both fun and functional as the kids enjoy them and get health benefits from using them.

Not only do these pieces of kit enhance more healthy standards of living. They also enhance essential skills such as coordination as well as confidence. For example, when climbing up the wall you’ll need good balance, coordination and self-confidence.

Other pieces of apparatus require kids to have a level of problem-solving skills. You should think about the different kinds of equipment when setting up a brand new playground. It may confirm that most of the boxes are checked with a single piece of equipment.

Apparatus for Outdoor Play Facilities

If you are looking for apparatus for outdoor play facilities, we can offer a number of equipment pieces. Using a wooden canopy as an outdoor play area allows children to utilise the facility in any weather conditions. It can also be used as an outside classroom throughout the summer to supply a new learning environment.

Nearby clubs within the community also can utilise these kinds of spaces. You could add a football goal, basketball hoop and aiming targets without using up more space than a basic goalmouth. If you want to find out more about the products, we have years of experience and can discuss them.

This kind of playground equipment helps to enhance the health and fitness and well-being of early years children. The surface, in addition, performs a big part in this. It is crucial to have safety surfaces underneath specific outdoor play equipment. This is for things like monkey bars as well as high slides because these can lead to falls. However, for various other play area equipment, we could provide a more natural surface type.

If you decide to have artificial turf surfacing, this will help to motivate young people to understand more about nature, insects and animals if put in onto a muddy space. Installing trim trails with various kinds of man-made surfacing is great. It can help young children get accustomed to walking on different terrains in a safe setting.

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