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Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing

Rubber mulch surfaces are ideal for use around natural play equipment in all weather. It provides a natural looking flooring option which also absorbs impact from falls.

We specialise in bound rubber mulch services for outdoor playgrounds and recreational areas. We install in schools, nurseries and parks across the UK.

Rubber mulch safety surfacing is ideal for use around natural play equipment in all weather.

It provides a natural looking safety surface option that also absorbs impact from falls.

We specialise in bound rubber mulch services for outdoor playgrounds and recreational areas. We install in schools, nurseries and parks across the UK.

Rubber Playground Mulch Designs

We offer many different mulch colour options for playground rubber bark chippings UK schools choose. The most common colours are brown and green as they are manufactured for natural areas.

We can also blend the green and red rubber bark chippings to develop a speckled effect if you prefer. You can have a custom design that suits your price range.

We will be able to offer you an inexpensive quote to perform this type of job. Our teamwork at various locations in the UK including:

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Residential gardens
  • Parks
  • Public facilities
  • Commercial areas

Rubber Mulch Critical Fall Heights

The rubber mulch depth relies on the CFH (Critical Fall Height) of any equipment in the recreational space. It is important to meet the Critical Fall Heights requirements and follow the guidelines to ensure the highest level of health and safety.

The rubber mulch surfacing is available in various depths to suit the needs of the user. We can supply the rubber mulch safety surfacing, UK schools and nurseries use, to create safe play areas which children love.

Once we know what your Critical Fall Height requirement is and what sub base we are laying over e.g. earth/soil, compacted stone or tarmac, we will know what depth is required.

Recycled rubber mulch play bark surfaces are very common in play areas and commercial areas. This is often close to trim trails and climbing structures in Britain.

Bonded mulch produces a natural look that fits in natural woodland areas and is environmentally friendly. It also acts as an impact absorbing surface making it a perfect all-round play surface with many benefits.

For more information on fall height requirements and depths of surfaces, please contact our team.


How is Rubber Mulch Constructed?

We can install the bonded play mulch onto compacted earth, soil, stone and tarmac. As one layered system, this is an extremely adaptable surface.

Bonded mulch is a popular surfacing choice because it can be installed with minimal ground works, whereas other rubber surfaces require more costly ground works before they are laid.

Many schools use loose fill products or rubber chips for playground surfacing, but rubber mulch is bonded making it more durable.

There is a wide variety of rubber products on the market so it is important to do your research to find the most suitable surfacing for your needs. To find out more, please contact our team and we will be happy to help and discuss more detailed requirements with you.

The flexibility of the rubber mulch playground surface makes it perfect in spaces with existing equipment. Without the need for extensive groundwork, the playground rubber mulch surface is cost-effective and a low cost material compared to other surfaces.

Installing Bonded Play Bark

The installation process involves mixing the loose rubber chippings together with a resin/binder. Our specialist installers then lay the mixture out onto the existing surface.

Once the flooring is left to cure, the end result is a durable playground safety surface. This can be used in conjunction with a range of outdoor play equipment and activity trails.

There are many benefits of rubber mulch flooring which is why it is a popular environmentally friendly surface.

Play Surface Maintenance

Despite claims, no surface is maintenance free. All surfaces, even tarmac, require some maintenance in order to stay in good condition.

Although our rubber mulch for playgrounds is a durable surface, it can suffer damage over time through heavy use. It is important to regularly maintain your playground flooring. We can do maintenance and repairs to the rubber playground material as part of our services to fix any damage.

It also helps to keep the area clean and free from debris like leaves and litter.

We would recommend carrying out routine checks of areas that get the heaviest. If the top layer of rubber shred wears, our team can apply a new application over the top. ensure the flooring still meets safety requirements.

The rubber mulch for playground surfacing is low maintenance, but routine brushing is recommended. The main aim is to keep it clean and free from litter.

This allows you to stop contaminants from getting into the surfacing. This is a good idea since litter and dirt might contaminate the area and bring about puddles. It’s important to keep the area as clean as it can be to make certain it’s still safe for those who are making use of it.

As well as mulch rubber surfacing, we also install wet pour soft surfaces. For more information on the maintenance of different types of play area surfacing, please click here.

Rubber Mulch DIY Kits

In the event of any rips and tears on the surface, we can offer a rubber mulch repair kit. This allows you to fix the minor damages yourself.

By purchasing a DIY kit you are able to reduce costs and deal with the problem easily. We recommend you fix any damages as soon as possible to ensure no further problems occur.

If you do not deal with the rips and tears straight away, children could be at risk of falling and hurting themselves.

Rubber Bark Running Track

Bonded rubber bark is a great surface for running tracks suitable for The Daily Mile™ in schools*. We can install it onto existing grass areas, e.g. around the perimeter of a grass sports pitch.

The Daily Mile is a health and wellbeing initiative that motivates youngsters to get out of the classroom for 15 minutes every day to run or jog at their own pace, in the fresh air with friends.

The aim of the initiative is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children.

Improving children’s fitness early on in life is an important strategy to aid the prevention of health problems. The Daily Mile is not the same as the obligatory PE curriculum – it is an extra 15 minutes of social, non-competitive physical activity.

The Daily Mile is free and easy to implement and is 100% inclusive for all pupils regardless of age, ability or personal circumstance.

Parents and teachers can also take part in The Daily Mile along with the young children to further improve overall health and fitness levels throughout the community.

*It is not mandatory for schools to invest in a running track to participate in The Daily Mile.

What is Rubber Mulch?

Rubber mulch is a safety surface made from rubber shred mixed with a polyurethane resin.

Recycled rubber mulch is made from shredded truck tyres and gives the appearance of bark and wood chippings. This creates a permeable play area surface for year-round use. This is often ideal for kids’ play facilities, as well as pathways and walkways in public places.

Many nurseries and schools choose play area rubber bark mulch as an alternative to natural grass. This is because grass can become muddy and unsafe in wet conditions.

The rubber shreds specification creates a porous play surface with an attractive appearance. This has a rustic appearance to fit in with existing natural grass areas.

We have installed these for many clients across the country with various specifications. Designs can be tailor-made to suit each different projects. We also offer a range of colour choices including red and green for this product. Due to its flexible nature, the rubberised mulch can be laid in a variety of shapes including meandering pathways.

Rubber Mulch Service Contractor

As a specialist rubber mulch UK contractor, we only use the highest grade materials. This is to ensure it’s the best and safest option for the children using the play area.

The shredded rubber playground mulch we install is tested following BS EN 1177 safety standards.

Our bonded rubber mulch always meets Critical Fall Height ratings. This protects children when using outdoor play equipment like slides and climbing frames.


“Soft Surfaces done a brilliant job of installing our rubber mulch playground, I highly recommend them to any schools.”

Sarah Smith

UV Sustainable Mulch

Our UV sustainable high-quality rubber shred is sourced from approved suppliers. This means that it’s not only a high-quality product but it’s also good value for money. Therefore its durability and seamless finish justify the budget spend.

The rubber mulch playground surfacing specification is made using shredded rubber chippings which are bound together with resin to form a flexible safety surface.

It is a common choice for outdoor play areas, pathways, gardens and activity features. It provides a natural appearance with added safety qualities to protect children from trips and falls.

The rubber mulch costs for each project will be different. We’ll need to consider a number of factors prior to completing the installation. For further information on UV sustainable mulch cost, make sure to get in touch.

Feel free to contact us by filling out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with some information regarding the costs of the flooring.

Rubber Mulch Explained

Rubber Mulch is a single layered system with a wooden bark like appearance. It is constructed of recycled material that has been shredded into chunks. They are bonded together using polyurethane resin as these chunks are bigger they have larger space between for more of a flex in the surface.

With many asking the question ‘what is rubber mulch’ Soft Surfaces have decided to go into more detail on this topic. Rubber mulch surfacing has become increasingly popular in the UK, particularly in natural wooded area and around trees.

Below is a short video explaining what rubber mulch surfacing is in more detail.

Please read transcript below:

00:00 Hi, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here, and today we’re going to be answering the question, what is rubber mulch?

00:05 So rubber mulch is essentially a very versatile safety surface that can be used for both playgrounds and various other recreational services such as the Daily Mile. For more information about what the Daily Mile is, feel free to just click here.

00:16 So a great thing with the rubber mulch surface is it actually fits the CFH which is the critical fall height, which means if a child were to fall from the highest platform from their facility onto the rubber mulch surface, they’d be more likely to not sustain serious injuries than on other surfaces, which we find brilliant.

00:30 One of the features that people really like about rubber mulch is, it has an extremely natural look to it. It doesn’t look artificial or synthetic, and if that’s the look that you’re going for for your facility, we’d really recommend rubber mulch as your product.

00:39 As with many of our products, rubber mulch is available in lots of colours and specifications to choose from. We’ll make a separate video for you guys to actually have a look at those colours and specifications so you can get a better idea of kind of what surface you’d like to install.

00:51 But regardless of that, we have over 20 years of experience installing these surfaces and surfaces like this, such as Wet Pour, so we really feel like we’re the company to come to you with that kind of product if you’d like that installed.

01:01 So for more information, just visit us at

The bound rubber mulch is well suited for area’s like playground’s and nurseries, but also with areas like pathways, activity areas and parks. It doesn’t have a very wide range of colour options but the idea of this surface to provide a natural look to each area.

Get In Touch

For more information on rubber mulch costs for playgrounds and outdoor areas. Please fill in our contact form and we would be happy to discuss your enquiry with you.

We offer a bespoke service to ensure a great value product that suits a range of budget requirements.

Whether you would like to create a safe playground area or a rustic looking pathway, we can help find the right option for you.

We install rubber mulch surfacing nationwide in the UK and can offer competitive prices for both supply and installation of rubber mulch for play areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crushed Rubber for Playgrounds?

Rubber mulch is sometimes known as crushed rubber due to its appearance. The process of creating this material is actually done by shredding the rubber.

What is Shredded Rubber for Playgrounds?

We use shredded rubber for playground surfacing as it gives a more natural appearance with added safety qualities.

Can I Buy Rubber Bark Chippings UK?

Our team can supply and install rubber bark UK schools need to make their playground surfacing safe and fun. We combine the chippings with resin to create a continuous surface that is more durable.

What is Child Safe Playground Mulch?

The rubber mulch surfacing we use for playgrounds offers safety for children using the area. It is impact absorbing to help prevent injuries if a child trips over or falls off play equipment.

Can I Install Rubber Mulch in my Garden?

Yes, this surface can be installed in your garden, as well as many other areas.

What is the Difference Between Rubber Mulch and Wet Pour?

Rubber mulch and wet pour are both safety surfaces but the main difference with these rubber products is the appearance. Bonded mulch looks more like bark chippings, whereas Wetpour is a smoother surface and is often described as soft tarmac.

Can I Install it Around Plants?

As rubber mulch is bonded together, we would not advise having it around plants but you might want to consider loose fill products instead.


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