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School Playground Maintenance

Each surface type requires a different kind of school playground maintenance and some will need more than others. This is dependent on a range of factors, such as the type of material, the area it is installed in and the amount of use it has. There are two types of cleaning, proactive and reactive. Proactive maintenance is a process that is carried out in order to prevent issues from occurring and reactive cleaning is needed when damages appear and the flooring needs to be fixed.

School Play Area Cleaning

We are able to perform school play area cleaning across the whole of the UK and we have been doing this for many years. This has given us a wealth of experience which we may use to our advantage when finalising complicated projects.

Macadam surfaces are common for schools because they are low cost in comparison to some of the other alternatives. They also require a low amount of tarmacadam floor maintenance and are suitable for all types of weather due to their porous nature. We suggest that if dirt, leaves or litter fall on the ground that you remove it to prevent any contamination.

The majority of maintenance services which we have carried out on tarmac have been to remove dirt and also to replace faded line-markings or thermoplastic designs, this is a simple process and we could just re-apply them. When macadam has been installed for a while, it can start to fade and wear out. We can easily restore the surfacing by painting it in bright colours.

When we install surfaces, we always advise that the client should conduct proactive school playground maintenance. You should also prepare to take action when necessary. We can design a tailored schedule for the organisation to follow; this is normally preventative cleaning which you should do regularly.

Along with being able to install school play areas, we carry out maintenance services on existing surfaces. If you’ve got any serious issues or damages on your tarmac, wet pour, rubber mulch or grass mats surfacing and you cannot resolve them yourself, then speak to us and our professionals can fix the problem for you to a high standard.

School Play Area Inspections

We recommend you carry out school play area inspections at least once a year to ensure the surface stays in good condition. It will also ensure there are no hazards within the area that could cause injury to the children. You should carry out annual inspections to test the safety of the surfacing. Also, be sure to check any children’s play equipment and other facilities that your school may have.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the school inspections that can be completed, please enquire now using the enquiry form provided. We will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to any questions you have.

School Play Surface Repairs

As a professional surfacing company, we carry out repair services should your surface become damaged over time. It’s not uncommon for macadam surfaces to become cracked and mulch and wetpour to rip and tear due to constant use. In the event these problems occur, it’s important that you complete school play surface repairs to ensure no further damage is caused to the surface.

Our team can fill in cracks on macadam surfaces using 2mm emerald stone mixed with a polyurethane binder. We may then paint over this using a specialist non-slip paint to hide the repairs. Our team can then install thermoplastic markings over them too. We also undertake reapplication of thermoplastic markings or marking removal depending on your individual needs.

If you have rips in your wetpour or rubber mulch surfacing, we offer a DIY repair kit that can fix the problem. This also helps to make the area look good as new. Wetpour surfacing also undergoes perimeter shrinkage in some cases – we complete a wetpour perimeter band repair by installing a border if required.

In this video below you can see a repair process for a wetpour play area:

To find out even more information on the repairs that we undertake, please complete the enquiry form provided and we will respond right away.

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