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Tarmacadam Flooring Maintenance

Tarmac surfaces are a popular choice for organisations like schools and sport clubs within the UK. Hard court surfaces provide excellent ball bounce and slip resistance qualities for facilities such as MUGAs. You can play range of sports in these areas including netball, tennis and basketball. If you want to keep your tarmac surface in great condition, then you should carry out regular tarmacadam flooring maintenance and be proactive with the cleaning schedule.

Macadam Surface Cleaning

In order to keep your tarmacadam surfacing in good condition, you will need to conduct regular maintenance. We highly recommend you carry out professional macadam surface cleaning at least once a year. By cleaning the court regularly you can take off any dirt and debris which could be blocking the pores in the surface and affecting the porous properties of the area. It’s also important to clean the surfacing regularly, so that the surface does not become slippery. If you do not complete routine cleaning, the surfacing could become slippery and be dangerous for users.

Along with pressure washing the area, we would also recommend applying a chemical treatment to prevent the growth of moss and algae. You should really apply a moss and algae treatment once a year to remove contamination and prevent it growing back. If you need more information regarding the chemical treatment we can apply, please contact us now using the enquiry form.

There are two types of maintenance needed to be carried out, these are proactive and reactive. Proactive maintenance is done to prevent pitch issues and reactive maintenance is done when your surfacing needs to be repaired after it has been damaged.

If you don’t have a macadam maintenance plan set out then it can cause further problems, such as more damage, sports pitch drainage issues and loss of slip resistance. This is why it is necessary to be proactive with tarmacadam flooring maintenance; this should include brushing, pressure washing and also applying chemical treatments which will prevent contamination on the surface. If the floor has dirt, leaves or litter on it, then you should remove these as quickly as possible. This is because the dirt from the debris can leave contamination upon the flooring which can block the drainage system.

Please fill in our contact form if you’d like some more information about the maintenance of tarmac surfaces. We’ll send you over some product sheets and prices as soon as possible.

Maintaining Tarmac Surfaces

More thorough macadam surface cleaning could include repairs, repainting or relining. These should all be carried out by specialists to ensure that it is done correctly. Within time tarmac surfaces can become old, tired and worn out if they do not have an appropriate cleaning plan and have a lot of heavy use. The sports surface could need to have a water based court binder applied and also aggregate acrylic spray coating application onto the flooring. This process will improve the appearance visually and also restore high playing qualities which will make it a better sports surface and facility.

Maintaining tarmac surfaces is vital to ensure you extend the life of the surfacing. By carried out maintenance you will be able to get the most out of your money and best value. If you’ve got any questions regarding the maintenance we can carry out or what you can be doing to maintain your surface, please complete the enquiry form and we will respond.

Asphalt Surface Repair

Over time macadam surfaces may become cracked due to excessive use and general wear and tear. It’s important to fix these cracks as soon as possible in order to prevent any accidents or injuries to users. Our team often complete asphalt surface repair for sports surfaces. This includes filling in the cracks using 2mm emerald stone mixed with a polyurethane binder.

Once the cracks have been filled we recommend coating the entire surfacing with a polyurethane binder. This will help to strengthen the entire area and prevent fretting. The PU binder will also act as a glue which will help to make paint stick better if you’re painting the surface afterwards.

If the surfacing has too much damage for minor repairs, we can offer a full resurface. This can consist of laying a new tarmac wearing course over the existing area to create a brand new outdoor sports facility to play on. This can cancel out any cracks in the surfacing and can help to level the area.

Should you have any questions regarding asphalt surface repair and resurfacing, please contact us using the contact form provided.

Water Based Court Binder

The water based court binder can repair damages, such as fretting or cracks upon the surface. When it is applied it can also enhance the durability of the pitch. Specialist court binder should only be applied when macadam surface cleaning is complete. You should always ensure there is no dirt or contamination on the surfacing before applying it. This is because the dirt can stop the court binder from sticking, which would make it pointless for you to do. When installing sports pitch paint coatings onto macadam surfaces, it’s necessary to discuss the design of the facility before the process begins.

There are a range of colours that we offer, these include red, blue, green and purple. If you prefer, we can even apply multiple colours to the area. Some surfaces which we undertake maintenance on just need a re-application of line marking. We’ll then spray line-markings onto the surfacing in a colour of your choice. This is a quick and simple process but it’s necessary for a high-quality facility.

If you’ve got a macadam surfacing which is in need of maintenance or repairs, please get in touch with us so we may help. Our experienced team will be able to offer advice regarding the best type of tarmacadam flooring maintenance. We’ll also be happy to put together a quote that will suit your budget. If you fill in our contact box we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team can provide more information on these services.

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If you’re in need of any of these services such as construction, repairs, cleaning, maintenance or painting, please get in touch with us! We have many years of experience in the sports and play industry as tarmacadam flooring specialists and would be happy to help you with creating a design for your project and offering a great value quote for the work. If you send us over your details with an idea of the services you require and an area size, we will get back to you with some product information and an estimate on costs.

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