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Tennis Court Synthetic Turf Cleaning Maintenance

Artificial grass tennis courts are common in the UK and the surfacing can become flooded and contaminated if the correct synthetic turf cleaning maintenance is not carried out. We have installed 2G sand filled tennis court surfaces in a number of locations at places like schools, sports clubs and private sports facilities as the synthetic specification is a lot more durable than natural grass. However heavy use and lack of proper care can make the artificial turf lose its porosity and stop draining water as moss and algae start to build up, this means the sports court becomes unusable.

Synthetic Turf Cleaning Maintenance

For any artificial grass sports surface, it’s important to make sure that synthetic turf cleaning maintenance is done on a regular basis to prevent any damage or problems with the surfacing. Because leaves, dirt and other debris can often fall onto tennis courts, you should have the area brushed to remove these and stop them from contaminating the grass pile or the sand infill. Drag brushing to redistribute the silica sand particles is also advised because this stops the sand from becoming compacted and ensures that the tennis court system remains permeable and able to drain water.

Take a look at the video below to see the full process of cleaning a tennis court surface to get it looking and playing its best:

Maintaining Tennis Court Surfaces

Sometimes artificial tennis courts can fall into disrepair if they are not used much and don’t get the right amount of care, this can mean that reactive synthetic turf cleaning maintenance is needed. This type of sports surface maintenance is done to fix damage which has already been caused to the tennis court such as tears in the carpet, broken seams and contamination from moss and algae. We can carry out a number of different maintenance processes for the problems including astro turf seam repairs and sports court rejuvenations and refurbishment. The rejuvenation works involve taking out the dirty layer of sand infill which could be contaminated with moss, and replacing it with fresh sand which improves the playing qualities and the look of the tennis court.

Without the correct synthetic turf cleaning maintenance for your tennis court, it can become waterlogged as contamination and compaction within the carpet pile will block up the pores and stop water from draining away. This is why it’s very important to put a regular cleaning schedule in place to stop these problems from occurring.

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