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Synthetic Turf Pitch Ball Roll Tests

Synthetic Turf Pitch Ball Roll Tests is carried out to newly installed artificial sports pitches, synthetic sport courts and multi use games areas. The sports pitch testing can be carried out insitu onsite to new sports pitches that have been constructed or to existing MUGAs where a quality control test report can be carried out as a conditioning test to make sure the surface meets the requirements set out by the governing sports bodies which could be IATS, FIFA, IRB or FIH. The ball roll measures how far the ball rolls compared to that of natural grass on the astroturf pitches but these results vary from the various sports surfaces with obviously the ball roll results differing from sand filled, sand dressed artificial grass to the likes of bitmac surfacing and rubberised MUGA flooring.

Sports surface testing can also help determine an appropriate maintenance programme to keep your pitch in the best condition possible and to ensure it remains safe and gives the best performance characteristics for the players. It is crucial to carry out safety and performance surface testing for colleges, universities and leisure centres because the flooring needs to be kept within the parameters set out to meet the standards and regular maintenance is needed to make sure that conditioning test results still makes the surface performance meet the standards and safety parameters for the children to play on. If you would like some costs, prices and quotes for these tests please email [email protected] or visit our website which explains the different sports surface testing we can carry out. Please share this article if you found it helpful. Do you think sports surface testing is important? Leave us a comment below!

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