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Rake for Maintaining Long Jump Sandpit

The installation of long jump runways is quickly becoming more and more popular in schools, colleges and clubs throughout the UK. The keen interest in this and other athletic sporting events means that a top quality long jump sandpit is crucial.

Above all, a long jump runway surface and landing pit need to be safe. Especially those being used by children in schools or junior athletics clubs. As well as this, any type of athletic sports surfacing needs to ensure that the athlete can perform to the best of their ability. They don’t want their talent held back by a poor quality long jump sandpit or runway surface. But are we all looking after our long jump surfaces properly?

Long Jump Sand Pit Maintenance

Most reputable athletics surface construction companies in the UK will be able to provide specialist maintenance equipment such as long jump sandpit rakes and covers to help you keep your long jump pit and runway in the best condition for whomever it is used by.

It is essential that you set up a schedule for the cleaning and maintenance of a long jump run-up and landing pit. This ensures you get the best use out of it and to save money on the costs of repairs and renovation of the flooring. A regular maintenance programme ensures that damage to the long jump surface is kept to a minimum. It also helps keep the area safe for use for as long as possible.

Athletics Sandpit Rake

One vital piece of equipment for maintaining a high-quality landing surface is a plastic long jump sandpit rake. These rakes have a special design for their purpose with a strong fibreglass handle and wide plastic head. This means it can reach to all corners of the landing pit in order to remove any dirt or weeds. It’s important to get rid of these as they may be contaminating the sand in the pit. The specialist design of the rake means that the sand spreads evenly around the landing area. This prevents injury by providing a steady surface for the athlete to land on.

As an athletics surface contractor we are able to offer these long jump sandpit rakes and other surface maintenance equipment along with the construction of a synthetic long jump runway or any other athletic sports surfacing you may require, we can install surfaces for a range of specifications and individual budgets depending on what you’re looking for.

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