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MUGA Anti Slip Sports Coatings

MUGA Anti Slip Sports Coatings are installed on all types of sports courts throughout the UK. A multi use sports facility is generally coated to meet the slip resistance for the sports played on the sports surfaces and the main types on anti slip paint used are acrylic paint which is mainly installed onto type 1 and type 2 MUGAs which are tarmac / macadam surfacing. The acrylic coating meets slip resistance for tennis, netball, basketball and football.

Polyurethane Court Paint

Another popular anti slip paint used is a polyurethane paint which is generally installed onto type 3 and type 4 sports courts which are generally polymeric surfaces. Polymeric surfaces are rubber EPDM crumb that is installed insitu on site. The rubber crumb is mixed with a polyurethane binder and poured in place to cure.

The rubber surface takes approx 24 hours to cure and is a moisture cure system. The polyurethane is then painted and coated onto the sports surface to give the slip resistance suitable for sports courts where basketball, netball, football, athletics, tennis and lacrosse is played.

MUGA Line Markings

Multi use games area sports coating gives the sports courts a great look, as well as the playing performance needed and the sports surfaces, are line marked. Netball line marking is installed in yellow mostly, football line marking is generally in white and basketball sports lines mainly in red however this is changed from site to site because of the coloured background.

In the video below you can see our team repainting the line markings onto a tarmac MUGA in Derby:

For further details on MUGA sport surface coatings please visit the link sports coatings or ring our office on fill in our contact form with your information. The office will assist you with all enquiries but you can also find out more on this websites. Find plenty of information including case studies of previous projects and product sheets to help you with specifications, designs and layouts of the sports pitches.

Maintaining Anti Slip Coatings

The non slip painting system in the UK will need a respray every few years. This will help it stay in top condition and maintain the slip resistant qualities. Whether it is a tennis court, netball playing surface, football kickabout area or multisport surfacing dual use recreational area, you should test it regularly. You should do this to make sure it meets the slip resistance and skid resistance by the governing bodies specifications.

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