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Lano Sports Drive 23 Sand Filled Synthetic Turf

The lano sports drive 23 synthetic surface is a 23mm pile height artificial grass carpet. The carpet is sand-filled and is perfect for Hockey, however the surface is a multipurpose specification and is still extremely effective for other sports such as Netball, Basketball, Football and tennis. All products created by Lano Sport, including this Lano sports drive 23 piece of turf is 100% an all-weather suitable surface due to the complex drainage system installed within the sand filled artificial grass sports pitch allowing water to pass through it stopping all waterlogging or flooding. When having this product installed by the contractor you can have a variety of colours for the synthetic surface and the line markings. The specifications and designs that you can have with this product are extensive.

What Can Lano Sports Drive 23 Turf Be used For?

This surface is outstanding for schools during competitive usage and also in leisure centres for recreational use. For facilities that don’t have a whole lot of space this synthetic surface is perfect due to its versatility. Due to the properties of sand filled artificial turf then maintenance is required in making sure the surface is kept in top condition but isnt as much as what is needed with natural grass as does not need cutting. In the long run if maintained properly this will reduce costs dramatically and help you avoid spending any more money on resurfacing, repairs and rejuvenation. The Lano sports drive 23 is a complex and professional piece of sand filled synthetic turf that is perfect for any recreational or competitive sports pitch. For further details on the specifications, costs and prices of the all weather surfacing please call 01625 445766 where we can assist you.

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