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Domestic Driveway Paving Ideas

Looking to redo your existing driveway? In need of domestic driveway paving ideas as part of a whole new look for your home? Driveways can be an absolute boon for families on a daily basis. Whether you’re getting your car off the road or are making a statement with a welcome run-up to your property, a great-looking drive should also be one that offers incredible durability and enhanced wear and tear protection.

It goes without saying that you are going to need to look for a surface that weathers the years to come, as well as one which looks the part with regard to your existing homestead.

There are a number of different driveway design ideas that can arrive through a variety of different materials. From traditional gravel and stone driveways to resin-bound stone options and even block paving, no two driveways are really quite the same – which is why we’re going to take a look at some of the most effective and attractive domestic driveway paving ideas available on the market today for you to choose from.

Resin Bound Gravel Driveways

Resin-bound gravel driveways are undoubtedly amongst some of the hardest-wearing and best-looking options available to the domestic market in the UK. Easy to set up and offering years of hassle-free use for cars and vehicles arriving to and fro, porous stone-based surfaces can easily prevent puddles and can remain steadfast against the threat of rain, weather and, of course, time itself. It’s also commonly used for paths which you can see more of on this page if you have a walkway that needs a new surface.

Gravel is a popular choice for domestic driveway paving ideas as a result of cost and availability, though there are a few more reasons as to why resin gravel may be worth your interest.

For one, resin bound driveways are immensely tough on weeds. Troublesome and perennial weeds can make any drive look unsightly and unkempt if given half a chance and, as such, it’s high time you gave them their marching orders. They simply cannot grow up through a resin gravel drive surface – you’re fully protected.

These stone driveways are a great choice for those homeowners aiming to make regular use of their paving but want to still retain a certain look and to keep maintenance to a minimum. Maintaining resin gravel is as simple as basic cleaning on a regular basis – it’s always a good idea to focus on prevention as opposed to cures with regard to surface damage. Why not think about using a resin-bound model of the driveway for your new look?

Block Paving Driveway Designs

Block paving driveway designs are popular with many homes thanks to their diversity in application. It’s safe to say that regardless of the look you are aiming for and regardless of what look you are hoping to achieve alongside your home’s exterior, you’ll be able to achieve it with the right slabs and careful installation and attention.

Block paving and brick driveways are spectacular when cared for correctly – they can require a little upkeep over the years – but maintenance is otherwise generally very straightforward. Do keep an eye out for those pesky weeds, however – as the most stubborn shrubs can cause cracking in even the sturdiest of driveway solutions.

Block paving doesn’t have to be uniform, nor does it have to all line up in the same colour. With blocks, you can create miniature mosaics and patterns of your own choosing, or you can go even further left of field with a crazy paving design that’s as random as it sounds.

Crazy paving is something that’s never really gone away – and it can make for a great-looking and resilient driveway design. For some people, block paving may not have the durability or design appeal of a resin bound driveway option – but the choice, ultimately, is always going to be yours.

Tarmac Driveway Specification

Tarmac driveways are more common than you may believe – while this mix is generally used to coat our local road surfaces and to fill in potholes, it can also be used to help provide for a low-cost and durable option. There are plenty of reasons why tarmac may be at the top of your list. Visit our tarmacadam page to learn more about how this versatile surface can be used.

For one, it’s uniform – it’s easy to come by, too. Tarmac is easily laid and offers very little fuss – it’s a smooth drive and for the level of traffic it’s set to receive, you won’t be experiencing any horrible potholes or chipping that you may find on well-driven roads.

The tarmac driveway specification, however, can be a little boring. Some of the more outlandish domestic paving ideas out there make use of paving slabs, patterns or resin bound options – and while tarmac may have similar durability factors to that of a stone option, it can look a little too uniform or straightforward for some homes. It can really stick out, too! If durability is a factor, tarmac will be a good option to look into.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Lastly, let’s consider pattern imprinted concrete. Patterned concrete is mixed and laid as-is, meaning that once it all sets, it’ll form into a stunning new creation thanks to moulds. These moulds are pressed into the ground and are left to work their magic – it’s certainly a colourful and creative option for you to consider if you are mainly worried about cultivating a certain look for the run-up to your property.

Moulds come in various styles and shapes, too, and this means you may even be able to achieve a completely bespoke look. Certainly, it’s one of many domestic driveways paving ideas that allows you to get a little bit creative.

In the durability stakes, perhaps resin and tarmac have it the best – but for sheer control overlook at feel, a patterned or paved option may be worth looking into. Resin-bound driveways, for our money, offer incredible durability, stunning, effortless looks, and simple maintenance – it’s an option that can be tailor-made and tailor-laid to your specifications. Your perfect driveway should always be laid at your final discretion, of course – and these are just a few great ideas to help you.

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