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Costs to Build a Synthetic Clay Tennis Court

Building a synthetic clay tennis court is a great option for clubs and organisations who want the feel and characteristics of natural clay when playing tennis but without the mess and heavy maintenance.

Lots of professional tennis players choose to train on clay courts over any other tennis surface as it gives the most comfortable playing qualities and makes it easier to develop your skills. Due to the costs and maintenance requirements of natural clay sport surfacing, there are very few of these facilities in the UK however synthetic clay tennis court construction provide a more cost-effective alternative.

Synthetic Clay Tennis Court Design

The reason that many tennis players enjoy playing on clay courts is that this surface type provides excellent support for the joints and muscles, meaning that game play is more comfortable and the risk of injury is reduced. Clay court surfacing also helps to slow the ball down, meaning that rallies are longer and there is more opportunity to practise and improve different skills. Synthetic clay tennis courts can offer all of these favourable performance qualities but without the time consuming and costly maintenance which comes with natural clay.

The artificial clay court system works with a synthetic sports carpet and a layer of sand, these two components work together to create playing characteristics which are identical to real clay courts.

The coloured terracotta yarn is designed to look just the same as natural clay court surfacing and the sand is put through a baking process to match the bright orange colour of the carpet. This baking process is much more effective than the typical dying of the sand which takes place with other specifications as it is much more UV stable and will not fade over time in the sunlight.

When the sand is coloured using a dye, this can cause the artificial colour to rub off and leave stains on players’ clothes, this does not happen when the terracotta colour is achieved through the alternative baking process.

All Weather Sport Surface

Unlike natural clay, the synthetic clay tennis court surfacing system is completely porous to allow excellent water drainage in wet conditions. This means that the court will not flood or become unusable if it rains, making it a great all weather facility that can be utilised all year round. The durability and versatility of artificial clay makes it a very cost effective surface type and it can even be installed over an existing macadam court which might have been damaged or become unusable.

Once the initial installation is complete, maintaining a synthetic clay tennis court is relatively simple compared to the work which goes into looking after natural clay surfacing. Where the real clay courts require grooming and watering every day, simply drag brushing and redistributing the sand of an artificial court on a regular basis is enough to keep up the top playing qualities.

These artificial clay tennis facilities are ITF approved with a court pace 2 medium/slow classification so you can be sure that members of your club can develop their skills on a top quality sports surface. The performance qualities and low maintenance requirements make synthetic clay court specifications ideal for organisations which want the best facilities but may not have the budget to carry out heavy work in maintaining the surface.

Your Clay Court Project

The costs of installing an artificial clay tennis court can vary for each project depending on the area size, location and access to site, a personalised quote can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. If you’d like to know more about the specification and installation of a synthetic clay tennis court, please use our contact form to tell us as much information as possible about your enquiry.

One of our experienced team members will get in touch to offer you some professional advice regarding pricing and construction works. To read more about the other sports and play surfaces we install, you can have a look at our website at which explains all of our products and services.

Have you ever played on a synthetic clay tennis court? What did you think of it? Tell us your views on this topic in the comments below and don’t forget to ask any questions you may have!

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