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Commercial Resin Bound

Are you looking to resurface your commercial paving? Maybe you want to set up a whole new look to complement your brand image. Or, you could be running a public body or business, and need help setting up reliable, porous surfacing which offers safety and incredible aesthetics. The answer could well lie in commercial resin bound gravel surfacing.

Unlike traditional gravel surfacing, tarmacadam and concrete, resin bound surfacing is more flexible, more durable, and altogether more creative. It is the preferred surfacing option for many businesses and public bodies.

However, there is a little more to it than that. Why else should you replace your existing paving with commercial resin bound gravel surfacing? Read on for the full lowdown.

Installing Resin Bound Stone for Commercial Projects

Installing resin bound stone for commercial projects is quicker and easier than it seems. In most cases, we will be able to lay down pouring gravel that coats any existing macadam you have in place.

Before we even reach this stage, we will work carefully with you to set up a plan of action. We want to make sure we take into account all the necessary dimensions, your likely use for your surfacing, and more besides. This way, we can always make sure that we set you up with the perfect project.

One of the best reasons for using commercial resin bound gravel surfacing is the fact that it’s so versatile in looks and style. You can create a fantastic, colourful surfacing design that fits your brand and image easily. That’s only possible with a team willing to help you with bespoke project management!

Where We Can Install?

We’re extremely versatile when it comes to where we can install commercial resin bound gravel. You might want to resurface a school playground.

Or, you might want to completely renovate your surrounding building and private car park. In any case, we will be more than happy to set you up with a look that’s ideal for your needs.

Here are just a few areas we can cover for you on request:

  • Car Parks
  • Schools
  • Public Attractions
  • Access Roads
  • Building Surrounds
  • Parks
  • Walkways

Therefore, whether you are running a private business or a public service, there are plenty of solid reasons why resin bound gravel is so beneficial. Why not take a closer look at our catalogue of options?

Benefits of Commercial Resin Bound Paving

There are numerous benefits to using commercial resin bound paving for your business or public building needs. The most obvious of these is that resin bound paving looks great.

You can install it in a variety of colours and styles. What’s more, it’s flexible to your needs. Unlike concrete and macadam, it’s much more versatile, making it the perfect asset to any bespoke paving or custom surfacing design project.

People will also love resin bound gravel for the porous qualities. With traditional outdoor surfacing, you are at risk of water pooling and damage.

Water is certainly a big factor in causing this type of damage. However, with a porous resin bound system, you can be sure that there’s zero chance of water pooling on the surface.

Decorative Paving Designs

Another great reason for choosing resin bound gravel for commercial purposes is for the decorative paving options available.

If you want to create a bright, cheerful look for a school playground, for example, you might choose resin bound gravel for its different possibilities.

Decorative paving is also a great choice for many public buildings. If you want your business or premises to stand out from the pack in the best way, why not go fully decorative? It’s a great idea to think about using decorative surfacing if you want to create the best first impressions.

Of course, as a business owner, the first thing you are going to want to do is make those first impressions count!

Why go with the flock and choose paving designs that are well-worn and are – quite frankly – boring? Dare to be different. Let us know what you are looking for from your commercial surfacing and paving, and we will be sure to set up a bespoke plan of action.

Porous Stone Surfacing for Public Areas

Porous stone surfacing for public areas should, in our opinion, become a matter of absolute need, not a choice. Non-porous stone can cause water to pool and flood easily. When this happens, material such as stone and concrete can start to degrade.

Therefore, with commercial resin bound gravel, you have immediate protection against water and other potential weather damage. It is perfect for public areas in the name of durability as well as in the name of safety. It’s not just ideal for residential or everyday business design use. It’s a safe, bright and cost-effective option for years to come.

Are you interested in setting up commercial resin bound gravel surfacing? Want to know more about the benefits? Get in touch with a leading, experienced team who knows the trade and the material well. Call us now for a free quote or be sure to contact us through web form at your earliest convenience.

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