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Artificial Grass vs Natural Garden Lawns

A common debate which gardeners all have is whether to choose synthetic lawns or natural garden lawns. Both come with positives and negatives, but people seem to always choose one over the other. In this blog, we will be having a look at what the actual difference is and which one you should choose.

What is Artificial Garden Turf?

Artificial turf is a surface that is made up of millions of synthetic blades which are made to replicate the look and feel of grass. However, these turfs are obviously fake, meaning that they are man-made and do not grow or require the same levels of care. Find out more about leisure grass if you are interested in the different products.

Synthetic grass is usually produced out of factories and is created in rolls, meaning that you can just roll the synthetic turf over the surface you wish to cover and not having to place a bunch of tiles or pads down.

Benefits of Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic lawns come with a huge amount of benefits which will not only affect one factor like most things but multiple! These include:

  • Little to no maintenance – with the surface being artificial, the synthetic surface does not require any watering, mowing, pesticide or fertilizer. This means the amount of time dedicated to keeping your lawn clean and looking great is greatly decreased, giving you more time to get along with.
  • Customisation – a lot of people try and get natural grass to look a certain way but struggle to get it to spot on. Colours are hard to promote, and patterns become a nightmare to replicate.
  • Synthetic grass eliminates this problem immediately by allowing the user to choose what patterns and colours they want on their lawn without any stress whatsoever.
  • Perfect for struggling areas – sometimes people may have a shaded part on their lawn which stops the blades from growing at the same rate and stops it from turning the right colour or they may have high traffic areas which a lot of people damage the turf by walking across it. Artificial grass can handle these issues since shade won’t affect it and it isn’t as easily damaged as real surfacing.
  • Small areas are perfect for turf – with synthetic turf being incredibly flexible with placement, small spaces which might be hard to place turf on can easily be done with synthetic turf. Plus, this again, allows you to spend less time on maintaining areas that might not be too important. These are often good options for outdoor nursery surfacing.
  • Types of synthetic turf – one of the best perks about synthetic grass is how you can acquire a wide variety of different types. For example, if you have kids who will be playing on the surface for a while, then you can have shock pads installed underneath, you can have pet resistant turfs installed which eliminate the chance of the pet tearing up the artificial lawn.

Overall, synthetic turf comes with a huge number of benefits that can help you maintain a perfect garden in which you can be proud. Find out more about synthetic turf installation to see how the process works. If you are interested in the sound of it then make sure you enquire today with Soft Surfaces so we can help you through the process of everything.

Natural Grass Garden Surfacing

Natural grass garden surfacing is made up of organic grass blades and has soil attached to it. Due to this, it requires a lot of care and attention and during transportation; it is usually handled with care due to its brittle nature. Check out this post to see more about the different types of the garden surfacing available.

Coming in rolls, the natural surface is presented in the same manner as synthetic turf but the two are easily distinguishable since natural grass has soil underneath it. Natural surfacing will also have a softer feel to it but will be a lot weaker compared to synthetic turf.

Benefits of Real Grass for Gardens

Real grass may not seem like it, but it does have a lot of benefits just like artificial turf. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better for the environment – Real grass benefits the environment in an amazing way. Just 2,500 square feet of grass produces enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe. If everyone understood this statistic, then a lot more grass would be planted and kept.
  • Improvement of wellness and stress – Natural surfacing carries a lot of positives for a person as it has been shown to increase levels of wellness and decrease stress. This is due to the chemicals grass lets off which impact the body positively.
  • Cheaper – Even though an artificial lawn will save you money over time, the first installation of it is a lot more expensive than normal grass. If you are on a tight budget, then real turf will be the best option to fulfil that requirement.

Even though many people say organic grass isn’t that good, it does carry a lot of very useful benefits and can really help a lot of different factors in your life.

Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to picking one or the other, it’s important that you know what your budget is, how big the area is and if you’re the type of person who wants to maintain their garden. I would recommend artificial grass if your budget is high, whatever size you want and if you don’t wish to maintain the garden. However, if you’re the opposite (low budget, medium/small area and you want to maintain) then definitely go for the natural option.

In the video below you can see our team installing the artificial lawn surfacing for a garden in Surrey:

Personally, I prefer synthetic turf due to how it pays itself back over the years since you are not spending much money on maintenance compared to if you got natural grass. But, the choice is up to you. If you are looking for advice on the situation or are wanting one of the services then send us, at soft surfaces, a message and we’ll get right back to you!

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