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3g 5-a-Side Football Pitch Installation in Hampshire

A 3g pitch is a great addition to any sports facility across the UK due to its many benefits for both owner and player.

At Soft Surfaces, we’re a specialist installer on 3G 5-a-Side Pitch Installations in Hampshire.

Post installation our team can offer 3G sport pitch repairs for existing 5-a-Side pitches within the Hampshire area, so if you currently have a 3G 5-a-Side pitch that needs resurfacing or rejuvenating, be sure to contact us.

For this particular page we show off on of our 3G 5-a-Side installation that we carried out in the Hampshire area.

Below you can see the specific information for this install, as well as the video transcript describing the job in detail

We recently carried out a 3G 5-a-side football pitch construction for a school in Hampshire which wanted a multi use sports facility in synthetic turf surfacing to replace an existing grass surface which was unsuitable for use. The project included the full construction of the sports facility including groundworks, surfacing installation and fencing.

5-a-Side Football Pitch Construction

The 5-a-side football pitch construction started with excavating the existing area of natural grass which was unstable and could not be used for sports. The preparation works created a smooth foundation so the rest of the work could be carried out onto an even and flat base.

Once the existing ground had been excavated, a drainage system was put in to carry water away from the area when it soaks through the surface of the pitch. All of the layers of a 3G grass sports surface are completely porous to allow for efficient drainage so training and matches can continue through all weather conditions.

Next, the specialist angular stone sub base was installed to give a stable and durable foundation for the synthetic carpet to be laid onto. The porous stone sub base layer is specially designed and selected for use with sports pitches to ensure that you get the best performance qualities for playing football and multi sports. This stone is compacted to leave a flat layer which makes an ideal base for the 3G grass surfacing.

After the stone sub base was put down, the 3G turf carpet for the 5-a-side football pitch construction could be rolled out on top and joined together at the seams with a specialist glue. A sand and rubber infill layer was then installed between the synthetic turf fibres to enhance the performance qualities and help mimic the characteristics of a natural grass surface.

Specialist sports rebound fencing was also installed around the perimeter of the school 3G pitch to keep the area secure and to prevent a loss of any equipment during game play and training.

Benefits of a 3G Sports Pitch

Having a 3G Sports Pitch installed in the Hampshire area has many benefits, these include the following:

3G Pitches are an all weather surface

No matter the weather 3G sports pitches are a perfect surface to play football on, they can also withstand long period without rainfall and won’t be damaged like real grass does. Gone are the days of matches being cancelled due to waterlogged football pitches, cancelled games are not only a disappointment for the players and the fans, but also leads to a loss of revenue for the football pitch owner themselves.

3G Pitches are Environmentally Friendly

3G Sports Pitches do not require a large amount of water like natural grass,  excessive water consumption is not only bad for the environment, but also financially harmful for schools and football clubs too. Natural gasses used to maintain natural grass can have potentially harmful effects on the environment, these factors make a 3G sports pitch a good choice for the environment.

3G Pitches can be used frequently

3G Sport Pitches are capable of withstanding intensive usage. This allows pitch owners to offer their services throughout the day and throughout the night, it is very common for schools to rent out the 3G Sports Pitches after school hours to generate some extra funding on the side. Compare this to a natural turf that needs a massive amount of recovery time in between games to prevent it from turning into a mud bath during the winter period.

Completed 3G Sports Pitch

Once the 3G 5-a-side football pitch construction project was complete, the final product was a state of the art multi use synthetic turf sports facility which the school can use during PE lessons and for extra curricular sports clubs.

The durability of the 3G pitch also means that it can be rented out for use by other schools and clubs to help generate extra revenue for the school. Overall the project was a complete success and the students and staff at the school are very pleased with their new synthetic 3G sports pitch.

We carry out these projects for organisations nationwide in the UK and we are specialist contractors in the sport surfacing industry with a wealth of experience. Our services include the full construction of a range of sports facilities as well as maintenance and extra works to help look after existing sport surfaces.

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